Inette 84.65'' Leather Loveseat Sofa

Product Model    LM106

SKU Number       2410930


L2850 * D1600 * H870 mm


    • Upholstered with soft genuine leather add the texture of leather, padding high density foam and down seat cushion on the whole sofa body provides maximum comfort.

    • Each hide is unique and will vary in depth of color. Pine wooden frame with reinforced joinery. All wood is kiln dried to prevent warping.

    • The back tilt model fits the body leaning curve to satisfy the support of the body from the lumbar spine to the arm, effectively relax the body pressure and relieve fatigue

    • Crafted of soild wood frame, paired with matt black metal legs finished that emphasizes comfort and sturdiness.

    • Easy assembly in 30 minutes,Simply connect the metal legs with Upholstered.

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    Natural Pine Wood:

    Natural pine retains the natural grain of the logs and the natural beauty of the wood. It is relatively light but has good strength and durability Its natural beauty and plasticity make it ideal for people to create a comfortable and warm home environment.

    Pine Wood Frame:

    We offer a comfortable, stable, and long-lasting seating experience through a careful combination of pine frames, serpentine springs, and highly resilient bandages. Natural pine wood is used for the frame, a wood known for its toughness and stability. Pinewood has good resistance to pressure and bending and can withstand different weights and frequency of use without deforming easily. Together with the serpentine springs and high elasticity bandages, this allows the seat to evenly distribute pressure and provide a comfortable experience while reducing the deformation and collapse of the seat, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of denting or loosening of the seat.

    Genuine Leather Treatment:

    We centralize the leather and put it through a three-stage manual screening process to remove insect holes, wear and tear and incomplete leather to ensure natural, breathable, high quality, and integrity. It also needs to go through 48 special processes over a period of 28 days to ensure that the leather is uniformly thick and thin, and evenly colored. The natural toughness and breathability of the cowhide are retained to the maximum extent, and the hand feel is soft and elastic.

    Genuine Leather Fabric:

    The contact surface of the sofa is covered with a head layer of cowhide, the leather grain is delicate, the leather is complete, the touch is skin-friendly and breathable, easy to clean and take care of, and the texture and feel are superior.

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