Adjustable U Shape Sectional Leather Sofa

Product Model    LM186

SKU Number       2100455


L4700 * D2980 * H780 mm


  • Bringing comfort and value to your living room, this reclining loveseat is perfect for hosting fun movie nights with friends and family or relaxing solo with style. 

    This contemporary reclining motion set features double recliners for the loveseat for added comfort and support. 

    It also showcases an all-metal reclining mechanism with a manual lever making it easy to sit back and relax with your feet at rest. 

    This set will give you years of enjoyment while complementing your living space.

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    Where Comfort Meets Design

    • The combination of robust frames, high-quality upholstery, resilient cushioning, ergonomic support, and optimal seat depths enhances comfort levels. It offers a cozy seating experience while also adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any living space. Minimalist, contemporary, Scandinavian, industrial, mid-century modern, and various other home styles are perfectly complemented by this sofa.

    Small Pillows:Offer Both Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

    • Small pillows add an extra layer of comfort to your sofa. Placing them strategically in areas where you need more support, such as the lower back or sides, can help alleviate discomfort and promote a more relaxing seating experience. Also, they are highly versatile and can be easily moved around or rearranged.

    Added Cushioning:Provide a Cozy and Inviting Feel

    • Thick cushions offer more padding and softness, allowing you to sink into the sofa and relax. They can distribute weight more evenly, reducing the strain on your back, hips, and legs. The extra cushioning can help maintain proper posture and prevent discomfort during prolonged sitting.

    Comfort and Style

    • Sleek and minimalist design, lean lines, smooth surfaces, and a simple yet stylish appearance. This faux leather sofa can effortlessly blend with various interior design styles. Their clean and understated design allows them to complement both minimalist and more eclectic decor schemes.

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    5.0 ( 81 Reviews )


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