Saned Leather Platform Bed

Product Model    C543

SKU Number       4400145


W2300 * D2200 * H1100 mm


  • You’re not dreaming! it stripped complex patterns and jagged edges to design the ultimate contemporary bedroom suite. 

    Using anti-scratch technical leather that’s 14 times more durable, cushioned luxuriously with feathers and HD memory foam. 

    The fantasy bed will add luxury and style to your space giving you a reason to fantasize over a good night sleep.

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    • With all the style and appeal of the Loft Sofa, it has done it again. Introducing the Loft Bed, a modern urban bed that’s as comfortable as it is eye-catching. 

    • Designed to look and feel like a large soft cushion to ensure a deeper more satisfying sleep. 

    • Made from performance leather that lasts 2.5 times longer than regular leather. 

    • Available in Queen and King size, Loft bed is so comfortable you'll feel like you're floating in a hanging bed while still firmly on the ground.

    • Unique look

    • It was in search of an entirely new shape for leather furniture. So, he made all parts shaped to look and feel like a large soft cushion.

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    5.0 ( 80 Reviews )


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