Upholstered Bed Frame With Headboard

Product Model    C553

SKU Number       3100943


W227 * D182 * H90 cm


  • Experience ultimate comfort and eco-friendliness with our upholstered bed frame. 

    The sponge-padded headboard and linen fabric provide a luxurious feel. 

    Built with a sturdy combination of stainless steel and solid wood, it ensures durability and eliminates annoying creaking noises. 

    Sleep peacefully and stylishly in this versatile bed frame that effortlessly complements any contemporary or classic bedroom.

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    • Experience Unmatched Comfort

    Our bed features high-resilience memory foam and luxurious linen upholstery for the perfect balance of support and softness. Elevate your sleep quality and style with this exquisite combination."

    • Convenience Meets Cleanliness

    Our bed offers a unique selling point with easily removable and washable side linen fabric panels. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you can keep your bed looking and feeling fresh with minimal effort, adding practicality and ease to your bedroom experience.

    • Stay-Put Mattress Design

    Our bed features a thoughtful design at the foot end to prevent mattress shifting. Say goodbye to nightly adjustments and enjoy uninterrupted sleep with our secure and comfortable bedding solution.

    • Experience the Serenity of Silent Slumber

    Designed for tranquility, our bed frame features a noise-absorbing construction. The bed board is enveloped in non-slip fabric, preventing mattress shifting. With each 3.94-inch slat mirroring nature's strength, sleep peacefully in the heart of a sustainable sanctuary.

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    5.0 ( 405 Reviews )


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