Solid Wood Dining Table

Product Model    W-CT018

SKU Number       3200984


W1800 * D850 * H760 mm


  • The thick table is stable and load-bearing, durable, and rejects the thin inferior table with quality and appearance level as the standard

    Solid oak support foot, with environmental protection skin paint, corrosion resistance and moth, good gloss, beautiful and durable

    Choose environmentally friendly clean flavor paint, reject formaldehyde from the source, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, with high standards to let you and your family rest assured

    Irregular foot to enhance the smooth support at the same time, but also bring a different fashion visual aesthetic

    Round corner polishing, all corners are safe, friendly, elegant and round

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    • Powder coated steel, Solid Oak Also available separately

    • The table with a rectangular oak top with rounded corners is a proposal for all those who love a timeless design in their home. 

    • A hand-brushed oak wood top in a natural shade, rounded at the bottom, connected with ecru-coloured legs, creates a perfectly coherent shape. "Our brand was created out of a passion for unconventional design. 

    • The furniture we produce is characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. 

    • Each piece of furniture is handmade in Poland and its design defies a traditional approach. standard of interior design. to an object of uniqueness, which makes it a form in itself".

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    5.0 ( 340 Reviews )


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