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Joshua Tree National Park 2022

UNIQ | 21 Oct 2022 | 2747 Views

Interior designer Yana Prydalna has featured on the platform before with her stunning interior design projects. And today I will show you a new project called The Butterfly House.

The houses she designs always have a beautiful blend of rustic and modern interiors. And they are often set in a wonderful landscape.

This home is no different. This year Yana designed this modern rustic home in the Joshua Tree National Park in California. Now that’s a nice garden!

The house features large open-plan spaces. Even the bedroom and bathroom are a combined open-plan room. But as usual in Yana’s projects she uses a lot of wood to create a warm atmosphere.

We love this social sofa. You can either sit by the fireplace or socialize with the person in the kitchen. Plus by using this double sided sectional you don’t clutter up the room but instead you’ll have a clean, modern look.

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